Website Audit | Digital Realignment

Why Digital Realignment?

Have all the proverbial boxes been ticked?

Often our clients already have a fully functional website but unfortunately not very PPC friendly.  We will ensure that all the standard & higher level requirements are met by auditing digital presence thus identifying the gaps and formulating the best approach and solutions before launching a campaign. Ultimately ensuring that the brands meets best practices.

  • Page Load Speed

    Mobile & Desktop

  • Prompting Actions

    Call to Action & Engaging content

  • null


    Conducive to the user & Google

  • Methods of Contact


  • Zero Distraction

    Keeping client focused whilst browsing

  • First Purchase Promo's


  • Conversion Tracking

    Mobile & Desktop

  • Mobile Friendly

    Responsive to all mobile devices

  • Page Structure

    Conducive to the user & Google

  • Website Security

    Call to Action & Engaging content

Digital Presence Audit

Often lost in translation and sadly overlooked.  This step is vital to a successful digital marketing campaign because your website is the brand introduction to potential customers. The same way you treat retail space, your website should be carefully laid out to ensure you capture the customer.

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