Google Analytics

unnamed 2 - Google Analytics… a brief overview

Google Analytics is vitally important to your Website. Through utilising this tool, we can measure & dissect the performance of your Google AdWords Campaign, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Website, universally.  It allows us to see how visitors engage with you, what they like and what they don’t.  Once we identify the action-points, we start adjusting.

We get that this is not our clients’ field of expertise and that’s why we don’t believe in delivering mounds of confusing data. Leave the complicated stuff to us…  We package the information into a easy-to-understand report which gets mailed, periodically, to our clients.


  • How visitors arrived at your site
  • Average time spent on page
  • Geo Location of Visitors
  • Real-time reporting
  • Event tracking
  • Mobile ads measurement
  • Call Tracking
  • Clicks vs. Conversions
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