Campaign Management

Ongoing Optimisation

Now your campaign has been refined and built, what now?  We love it and feed it!  A Google AdWords campaign is “alive” and we take our creations seriously.  We diligently assess and improve your campaigns performance.  We consider this the most critical element in your campaign.  Although we would like to divulge the juicy details, we’ll keep it basic for now…

Monitoring & Optimising:-

From the time your campaign kicks off, we constantly monitor its performance.  We watch how users interact with your ads, how they got to you and if we satisfy their needs.  We religiously eliminate junk traffic by adding and removing keywords.

Monthly Feedback & Review Meetings:-

Although we stay in touch regularly by telephone & email, we like to discuss things face-to-face.  We will schedule monthly meetings where we discuss your campaign and the growth, month-on-month.  As the client, you need to stay in the loop of your performance.  Drawing comparisons of positions, engagement & peak times.

Continual Improvement:-

We constantly look for ways to keep your campaign fresh and attractive.  Monotonous is boring!  Stand out from your competition and keep up to date with search trends.

Campaign Management Campaign Management Campaign Management Campaign Management

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