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Entry Into Advertising

Our Directors started their journey into the advertising realm in 2006. With little but a sparkle in their eyes and an insatiable hunger to learn as much as possible about the industry. Exposed to various mediums of advertising such as Print Media, Billboards, Out-of-Home, Broadcast Advertising, Guerrilla Marketing, Commuter Advertising as well as In-store advertising & activations.


The Passion Grew

With 5 years of experience and massive success across numerous brands, it became somewhat of an addiction. Travelling to Cape Town and Durban meeting Brand Managers, Marketing Managers and Marketing Strategists for various listed companies. With their reach growing rapidly alongside a growing market, it was apparent that they needed to follow the trends.


Online Advertising Initiation

With consumer & customer behaviour absorbed into the internet, they shifted their focus into the space of Online Marketing. It was unchartered territory but an exciting one! They utilised their Marketing & Advertising skills and didn’t take much to immediately understand the fundamentals


Intensive Learning & In-depth Understanding

With exposure they started to learn the ins and outs of all that forms part of online advertising. Including the importance of website design & development, UX, Search Engine Optimisation, Content,  Google AdWords


Our Birth & Independence

Boasting 8 years of valuable experience in Marketing, Advertising and Sales we identified a gap in the market where client and service providers don’t culminate. We avoid the frustration by providing our client with a sense of security, knowing that their business interests are well looked after. We don’t take a “shot-gun” approach – consultation with our client is vitally important.  At Bold Online, we clearly understand that your business is different and cannot be generalised.

“Our passion for what we do transfers into our services”

Michélle Venter

Michélle Venter

Founder & Head of Business Development

Click to Email: sales@boldonline.co.za

Mobile: +27 83 291 4450

“I believe that we make a positive difference in each company we come into contact with.  We take a holistic approach, firstly establishing the goals, then evaluating the market behaviour online and finally deciding on the best strategy. Bold Online Marketing has been established to bridge the gap between client understanding and success online”
Nicholas De Bruyn

Nicholas De Bruyn


Click to Email: nicholas@boldonline.co.za

Mobile: +27 79 889 3618

“One of the biggest challenges we are faced with is helping companies understand that there are still agencies with a moral compass, focusing on service delivery (emphasis on service).  We build relationships, evaluating our performance, and plan for new approaches each month, avoiding a monotones strategy”  


Bold Online Marketing’s mission is what we live by each day in every aspect of our operations. It has become our daily mantra – To Boldly Accelerate Our Clients’ Businesses

  • Be Client Centric, Understand not only their business but what makes them “tick”
  • Formulate the solution which will yield optimal results
  • Educate the client without complicating it
  • Manage the process
  • Constant improvement – what worked yesterday might not work today


  • Act with an extreme sense of urgency
  • Keep with the changing times
  • Work with passion or nothing at all
  • Deliver only quality and exceed expectations


Our Vision is to be Our Client’s trusted and effective Online Marketing and Services Partner. Providing a transparent and tailor-made strategy to each and every client.

Delivering optimal results. To have a happy and educated client who is always in the loop.


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